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The following presentations listed below have been provided with permission from the 2017 Symposium Speakers.
Please click on the link below to download the PDF presentation.  If the speaker did not provide a presentation, a copy of their session overview or bio is included in place of the presentation.

Keynote Presentation  - Safety For The Next Wave Of Workers - Doing The Same Things Harder Is NOT Making Us Better - Dr. Todd Conklin

1A - NFPA70E Compliance And 2018 Look Ahead - Patty Becker

1B - Safety Program Elements Effectively Being Used To Drive Down Injury Rates And Improve Safety Culture - David Woodard

1C - Improving Laboratory Ergonomics In Pharama Technical Group Within Genentech - Christa Martindale, Anna Bilyak, Sonia Khaligh

1D - Naturally Occurring Asbestos In Construction - Laura K. O'Heir & Bradley Erskine

2A - Marijuana In The Workplace - Marti Fisher

2B - This Is My Circus! These Are My Monkeys! – Taming Your Safety Committee - Jennifer Harris & Rachel Raynor

2C - Benefits Of Sit / Stand - WorkstationsHype Or Real? - Dr. David Rempel

2D - IH Issues In The Adult Film Industry - Jere Ingram

3A - Safety Recognition Programs That Work! - Jennifer Wycisk

3B - From Investigation To Learning A Case Study Of Organizational Change - Ron Gantt

3C - Intersection Of Wearable Safety Devices, Data Collection And Cyber Risk - Rachel Michael

3D - Next Generation Batteries And ESH Challenges - Kiran Joshi

4A - Pre-Qualifying Safe Subcontractors - Jean Myers

4B - Lock Out Tag Out Application At University Of California - Case Study - Jim Gilson

4C - Optimizing The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of An Ergonomics Program - Surabhi Kadam

4D - ANSI Z9.11 Laboratory Decomissioning - Robert Kleinerman

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